The Art & Lens team has been formed for more than ten years, formerly a different photo. The portfolio enlargement justified a change of name.

Our intensity has not diminished, and we are even trying to face new challenges.

When we take photos, we see something in advance that would be difficult to formulate ... Our pictures should speak instead of words. Feelings, emotions, happiness, pain, beauty that a lecture or a face radiates ...

We like to see the moment in a given moment, to take pictures, to look at it for a long time and to look at what could not be enjoyed during the click time. After all, the pictures tell me. They tell stories and feelings about you, about me, about us, about you. From the inside, others who are not there, but they will eventually be on the picture.

Many times they come to us by "you can't take a good picture of me." Of course! There is no one who can't take a good picture of! With this challenge, the photographer has to cope :)